How Our Customers/Students Say about Our Program

"I have been a student of Tai-Chi for five years attending classes and using a variety of videos. I recently had an accident and find myself in a wheelchair. After trying to alter my past forms, I found the tape by Dr. Chen for people on Wheelchair (001). It has been wonderful and such a plus for my emotional, mental and physical well being and healing. I practiced with the tape three days in a row and can feel the movement of the chi throughout my body. This is one video that will get many hours of play. It is very difficult to find exercise videos for the handicapped let alone one that presents itself in alternative modalities. In time, I hope I can advance to tapes not needing the wheelchair. Dr. Chen's tapes and DVDs are ones that I will use faithfully."

-- Gerry Marangoni, Homerville, Ohio.

"I use a wheelchair and was looking for an exercise program I could do in the chair. That is how I found Dr. Chen's Tai Chi on a chair vidoes. This is the only program I have found that is not boring. It is also easy to learn because all I have to do is follow Dr. Chen's movements and breathing cues. I really enjoy it and do it every morning. Not only is it fun to do, it gives me energy and has given me great flexibility and tone in my upper body. I also lift weights, which can cause muscle soreness the following day. I find that doing the Tai Chi routine relieves the muscle soreness. In addition to the physical benefits, I also feel more calm throughout the day when I do the Tai Chi every morning. I love doing Tai Chi. I started with 001 and then moved to 002. Now I am looking forward to the Tai Chi GongFa 003. I highly recommend Dr. Chen's Tai Chi on a Chair to anyone who is looking for a fun, beneficial exercise routine they can do sitting down."

-- Aisha Y. Musa, PhD., Miami, FL

"I highly recommend Dr. Chen's Tai Chi video programs to everyone. I use a manual wheelchair and Dr. Chen's Tai Chi on a Chair is the best workout series I have ever used. I started with Level 1, then went to Level 2, and now I am doing Level 3. Doing it consistently every day has improved my upper body flexibility, tone, and strength. It also makes me feel awake and energized, so I do it in the morning rather than the evening. Not only is it great exercise, it is fun and easy to learn. Just follow Dr. Chen's movements and breathing cues. It may take a few days to learn the moves completely, especially for Levels 2 and 3. It did for me. So be patient and just follow Dr. Chen's movements, and then add the breathing. Soon, it will all come very easily. Tai Chi on a Chair is good for anyone who has problems standing, even if you do not use a wheelchair. I cannot say enough good things about doing Tai Chi with Dr. Chen's vidoes. Doing Tai Chi regularly makes me feel so good that I even recommend his regular Tai Chi videos to people I know who do not have problems walking or standing. "

--Aisha Y Musa, PhD. Miami, FL

"Dear Dr. Chen.

Your wheelchair Tai Chi GongFa forms are making an unbelievable difference in my posture and the strength of my upper body. Your workout is at the border of my recovery and teaching my body to recruit new nerves. Unbelievable! You're the first person I've ever seen who understands working the margin of paralysis."

--Eric Texley, Boca Raton, FL

"I have a spinal cord injury at T-10 which limits my mobility, however I am an active person that enjoys whatever life is offering at any given time. I have done many types of exercise in the 30+ years of being in a wheelchair, and I can say with sincerity, Dr. Chen's exercises have helped me the most. After 10 weeks I feel comfortable with the form, and though I have a long way to go to be as fluid as Dr. Chen shows in the video; I will keep trying. One of the reasons this form is excellent is the grace that arises from the fluidity of motion. There is no abruptness or harshness, just continuous motion that promotes well being. My thanks to Dr. Chen for creating this video".

-- Lowell Neff, Dragoon, AZ

"I have been studying Tai-Chi for over six years and I am proficient in several forms. I work as a mentor for elderly people looking to improve their fitness, particularly their balance and mobility, which will enable them to stay in their own homes rather than being moved to hospitals or sheltered housing. I myself have found Tai Chi to be an excellent all round form of fitness particularly ChiGong and I am hoping to include the chair exercises in the routines we currently use for the elderly. I have now received the DVD version of Dr. Chen's TaiChiGongFa 001 for people on wheel-chair and I am absolutely delighted with it. It is particularly useful in that it incorporates the breathing which I find stimulates people very quickly. It is great to see how the traditional movements can be adapted and the fact that the entire sequence is flowing gives people something to aim for - which is good for alleviating the boredom the chair-bound can feel. I shall certainly be ordering further Videos soon."

-- Wendy St Lawrence, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

"Dear Dr. Chen,

001 & 002 are gently, strongly rebalancing and expanding my torso length. A serious car accident when I was 15 back in 1956 gave me a very serious right side C curve and neck injury. I can stand up now without a problem from years of self-healing. However, I need to lengthen and balance from my seat bones up past my head to Father Sky through my spinal column, and down through my legs to Mother Earth, and then expand out and around my body to my Friends the Trees. My 3 Qigong Classes are fantastically better from warming up in the morning with Dr. Chenís Tai Chi and Qigong DVDs.
Thank you Dr. Chen.

-- Kathleen Wisdom, Shaftsbury, VT

"Hello again and Happy New Year Dr. Chen,

I tell everyone to go to your website and read everything on it. I do 001 in the morning when I wake up and for sure before I go to bed. Most of the time I do it again once or twice more. I am starting to do 002 later in the morning before lunch and am starting to do Qigong for Beginners in the afternoon. The amazing part of 001 and 002 is how much more my Seat Feet (seat bones) have been balanced. My posture is so much more straight when I was in Mardi Gras last year and danced after a Proteus Ball luncheon and lots of people took pictures and moves of this: go to YouTube and sign in: Kit at Proteus ... Then you can meet me dancing with a stranger. This is another funny story.
My Lusitano horse from Brazil Regente dos Pinhais loves how much better my balance is on his back. This is why I now have 7 riding friends waiting for me to show them how I do 001 and how to correct them as they do it. This why sitting on a wooden chair and working out is so important for riders to use twice daily. And that it is 23 minutes helps me get them to start doing it regularly. My horseís vet had me show and work with her, her husband and their two children 6 and 8 years old. They loved what we did and they also want me to keep working with them. Everyone tells me it is fun and easy to follow you. I do have them touch the front and back of my waist so they can feel how you want us to breathe in and out. I also explain about bringing the bottom of their Pelvis forward and the top of their Pelvis back so they feel and understand how their backs can get straighter. Working from our waists is important for riders to understand since it is our horses whom we have to follow and help move gently and with love. Horses and all animals know us better then we know ourselves. I work this into many friends who have animals. Not everyone understands this and their four legged friends become more loving to them when they feel their owners become more loving to them...."

-- Kathleen Wisdom, Shaftsbury, VT

Dear Dr. Chen,

So very much all of everything is relaxing and releasing all over me inwardly and outwardly down into Mother Earth, up to Father Sky, and out and around to My Friends the Trees. Now when I call someone to order something they tell me I sound like I am 35 years old moving into my 40s...! Friends are also shocked at how long I can hold a note while I am singing and dancing with my friendís Dr. Chenís nonstop moving nonstop exercise movements. It is you, Dr. Chen who is having me keeping myself in nonstop moving me.


-- Kathleen Wisdom, Shaftsbury, VT

"No question Dr Chen. Just to give you feedback for my 90 year old mother who is following your Exercises in Chair slowly and is really enjoying them especially the breathing exercises. She has really bad arthritis so is taking the exercises slowly as advised by myself. I do a lot of yoga. My mother said to tell you she is a great admirer of your chair and said she would probably do a lot better if she had such a chair (joke). Thank you for giving her another lease of life at 90. Best wishes".

-- Jennifer Palmer, Cumbria, United Kingdom

"I have now received the second level wheelchair video (Dr. Chen's TaiChiGongFa 002) and I am very pleased with it. The combinations of the traditional forms flows very well together while at the same time being challenging but not too difficult to learn. We are hoping to start a class at a local gym for both able bodies and wheelchair users to learn together. It is very exciting for the disabled to go to a gym as just another person rather than to special classes only for them. It also helps to break down any of the prejudices or misconceptions the able bodies may have about the disabled. We do also find that children with learning difficulties such as Downes Syndrome put an enormous amount of concentration into the movements - they learn so quickly and enjoy it so much.
Thank you once again".

-- Wendy St Lawrence, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom


--Linda MISA. GenŤve, Suisse

Dear David,
When I interrupt the daily routine it is hard for me to resume the excercises. Some days I do not have hay fever when the air is not full of pollen. Sometimes I follow the exercises for the upper half with my legs and feet. A friend who didn't see me for one month was helping me take a bath. Surprise! She noticed that the bones of my left paralyzed shoulder are not sticking out so much and my usually hollow left hip has more flesh. She also said I was moving better. She didn't know that I had been doing your tai chi exercises (Tai Chi GongFa 001). I, myself, didn't notice these changes.

--Linda MISA GenŤve, Suisse

I am a quadriplegic , meaning I do not have full use of my arm and no use of my hand because I injured my spinal column (cervical region 6th and 7th complete). I have been doing Dr. Chen's Tai Chi Gongfa for wheelchair people exercise videos for more than 2 years. I have the wheelchair exerise level 1-4 and now I'm getting the 5th one (Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa 005). I usually do an hour exercise( meaning 2 videos a day.) Doing the wheelchair exercise has helped me a lot. I noticed that my posture is a lot straighter than before, stamina is longer I dont get short winded easily even if I am doing strenous activities. Voice quality is a lot louder and clearer, respiration is deeper. I enjoy doing the exercises because I know that it has helped me a lot and it shows, because I am stronger ,healthier,and happy inside and outside.

--Ashley Velasco, Aurora, CO.

"My wife has been in a wheelchair or scooter for many years. This is the first chair exercise program she has really gotten involved with. In a brief time her upper body strength has markedly improved as has her self confidence and self image. We are looking forward to see what the long term benefits might be."

--John M Packard Jr, Guntersville, Al.

Hello there,
I actually bought this one (Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa 101) for my dad who is 63 and not in the best shape, but I know things are about to turn around for him in a big way!
About 4 months ago, I bought Dr. Chen's Qi Gong for Beginners DVD and it was literally life changing. I had a book with some of the 5 animal forms, but it was so hard to commit the forms to memory when I had to constantly look down at the book, make a small movement, look at the book to see if I was standing right, look back at the book for when to breathe, turn the page, move again, look at the book...I think you get the picture, and after 3 weeks, I gave up!
After buying your DVD however, I had remembered half of the 10 forms after watching just once! My strength, balance, coordination, agility, stress levels...everything has improved out of sight. I even used the DVD for rehab after badly dislocating my left shoulder. I waited until a week after the injury, and I still had basically no movement in the shoulder. At the start of the DVD I gently increased the momement, but to my surprise, after the 38 minute session, my range of motion was quite unbelievable!
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge in such a simple way for anyone to digest.

--Daniel Carmichael, Queensland, Australia

"My first attempt at Tai Chi (Dr. Chen's Tai Chi for beginners) gave me great encouragement. It is relatively easy to follow, gave me an immediate feeling that I am doing something positive to benefit my body. I have back problems which preclude me from doing other forms of exercise. This Tai Chi dvd makes me feel as if I am, once again, back in the game of life, after months' of inactivity. I look forward to feeling better physically and mentally by incorporating this program into my morning routine".
Thank you.

---Dale Vani, Brandon, FL.

"I love this exercise (GongFa 101)'s simple, short, thorough and does not lose my interest. I have tried other Tai Chi videos and simply could not keep up with them. I have some health problems that require no impact exercise...this is AWESOME. In a short amount of time, I've noticed my lung capacity is improving, which really thrills me. Very concise, easy to follow and relaxing. Plus....I'm actually doing the exercise every day AND enjoying it!! Thank you so much!!!

---Tere Fadden, San Pedro, CA.

"I wanted something simple, and I got something simple. Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa 101 Works for me".

--Randall Lim, Pearl City, HI.

"Dr. chen's Tai Chi GongFa 101 is Better than I thought, I'm very happy with it! Thank you!"

--Alexandre Matiouchin, Pelham, AL.

"It is an excellent video (GongFa 101). I joined a class but there are only 2 who are beginners, and I was discouraged trying to learn all the complicated moves. I have a video, but they do warm up, one move, warm up, next move, I again get lost long before I can put it all together. I put this video in and just like you said I was doing the workout with no problem. Thanks! I am looking forward to moving up to Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongGa 201."

A very grateful beginner Tai Chi enthusiast.
---Roseanne Hill, Akron, OH

"This (GongFa 101) truly is an easy workout for total beginners. I love it!!!"
--Karen Lamkin, Ball Ground, GA

"Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa 101 is Very easy to follow. Really good for one who is just starting Tai Chi and Dr.Chen's Tai Chi for Beginners is very instructional. I am looking forward to getting the rest of the series".

--Celia Manansala-Sta.Ana, Kaoshiung,Taiwan

"It (Dr.Chen's Tai Chi GongFa 101) was just what I hoped it would be. When I do the exercises at bed time, I am no longer troubled with knee and hip pain during the night."

--Judith Dukes, ELIDA, NM

"Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa 101 is So good, I bought my parents a copy and they love it!"

--Erich Glave, Rolla, KS

"This DVD (Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa 101) is very simple and easy to learn I did not get lost at all practicing it. The movements also feel very graceful and relax the mind and body when done first thing in the morning. Thoroughly recommended!!!"

--Nigel Carter, Vale,United Kingdom

"Fabulous DVD (Tai Chi GongFa 101)!! Thank YOU I LOVE IT! I will be back for more :) "
--Deborah McFarlane, Corona, CA

"Thanks so much for letting me know the tape (GongFa 201) had been shipped. It got here today, and is great! Over the last few years I've used several different tai-chi tape/programs... this one is the best. I like that it is mirrored. In other videos so many are jumping around with different views of everyone doing the workout it tends to interrupt my feeling of calm. I am so impressed with this tape I've just went to your website and ordered 401 !!! Thanks so much for offering this"

--- Vickie Thomey, MO.

"I very much enjoy the movements (GongFa 101) because they force me to slow down. Surprisingly, they also allow me to clear my mind entirely and just relax. I find it very easy during the day to take a few minutes to practice and go over the moves. It doesn't take a lot of time or physical room, and it has the residual benefit of helping me relax and clearing my mind. (<--I love this benefit!)"

--- Annette May (the first month since sttarting the routine), VA.

"It is this. I had my blood pressure taken last week. I've been monitoring it over the last year and a half and it has been consistently above the "normal" range. Last week it was in the normal range and lower (both systolic *and* diastolic) than it has been in a long time. As my blood pressure was being taken, I remember thinking about the wonderful, slow movements and breathing in the routine, which so consistently relax me. That did it!"

--- Annette May (three months after practice), VA.

"Arthritis seems to be taking hold of key joints these days, from the back to the ankles, with the knees suffering most. Gentle, relaxing and so graceful, Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa program is increasing my flexibility, building strength and keeping my joints moving easily and comfortably. It is, in fact, proving to be all that the medical journals said. But it's even more. The energy I feel after a good session is quite unexpected...and very welcome...and the stress and cares of the workday have melted away. What more could one ask?! "

--- Karen Krueger, Arlington, VA.

"I am 73 years old and in 3+ years have relied on medicines against my severe Shingles with no success. I was so surprised that just in a few sessions of Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa program, I felt much better and experienced reduced pains, which I had not from any other medicines. The soft, slow and beautiful movements, deep breathing and soft music are very comforting. The class is of different ages. Right now I am using Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa 201 video every day. I can't wait for the weekly participation in Dr. Chen's class and would like to have more classes than once a week."

--- Elfriede Walker, Reston, VA

"The most noticeable benefit that I got from this exercise since I started two months ago is that I learned how to regulate my breathing and no longer find myself out of breath from carrying the heavy laptop everyday from the far parking lot into the office".

--- Bic Tran, VA (two months after practice)

"I have found Qigong to be an essential part of my daily workout and Tai Chi training. In the recent years, I have frequently experienced back problems that would make doing simple things difficult. Since I started Tai Chi and followed Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa program through different levels, I have felt much better and each recovery has shortened considerably. As an internal attribute, Qigong gives me a sense of calmness and focus which prepares my mind and adds substance to the Tai Chi practice that follows. Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa program with proper stretching and warm-up, contains many Tai Chi elements and is artistically composed in a logical sequence. I use this routine as a regular workout mainly because of the soft repetitive movements in Qigong form and the ease of practice. The breathing method combined with these flowing movements also increases my energy without the strain that I usually feel while trying other types of exercise. I have found that the elements designed in the program also allow daily workout to be flexible with my busy schedule in a way that I could select my favorite moves and practice at any time, in any combination, and the result would be just as effective. Good posture and improved flexibility gradually help to restore the strength of my back. I have forgotten how it feels to be immobilized by pain."

--- Bic Tran, VA (four months after practice)

I have not attended Dr. Chen's class for some time and was reluctant to learn new routines from a video. But I'm glad I did. I found Tai Chi GongFa 501 to be one of the best programs in the series. It is far from easy but I could do all right after a few practices. With this program, I am able to continue refining the basics while learning new routines in a more dynamic format. A feature that I particularly appreciate is the various styles in each series of movements, which add interest to the program. One hour of exercise goes very quickly and I am able to keep my mind focus the whole time- something that I could rarely do before. A distinctive characteristic in Dr. Chen's programs that is always enjoyable to observe is the subtle transition that makes the forms flow together so gracefully. I also feel comfortable with the frequent weight shifting and the evenness in speed that do not put stress on the joints or muscles. This program takes on a new approach, yet remains low-impact. It helps my dedication to exercise seem effortless.

-- Bic Tran, VA

"I have recently begun my studies of Dr. Chens Tai Chi GongFa version 201, I found the dvd very well filmed with appropriate and relaxing music and very easy to follow. Not being a very agile or spry man I found myself very easily following the various forms and have been making great progress!! another fact I enjoy is that I have more dvd instructional videos (Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa 301-601) to look forward to moving up. Thanx for a rewarding product."

--- David Bilichka, NC, USA

"I had long been a skeptic when it came to exercise of any kind. I was tired of all the empty promises of the infomercials, celebrity fads and just plain nonsense. However, I had always had a respect for health-centric art forms that have been in use for hundreds of years. That was why I became interested in Tai Chi. When I purchased Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa DVD 201 almost six months ago, I also purchased four other Tai Chi and Chi-based exercise DVDs. Guess which one I am still using? Dr. Chenís DVD is not only low-impact and relaxing, you can feel your batteries being refueled with each form. In fact, after only four days, I felt lighter and was able to breathe deeper and longer than I had in years! My wife, who is four months pregnant, also joins me when I practice. Now, she is waiting, not too patiently, for me to get level 301! This program is great and I recommend it to anyone who wants to start down the road to a healthier, more balanced life."

--- Eric Rose, Photojournalist, Nassau, The Bahamas

"I LOVE the breathing and the workout routine in this video (301). It has safely helped strengthen AND stretch my arms, legs, and neck. My flexibility, balance, and coordination have improved significantly since I started practicing this routine."

--- Barbara Wilmer, VA

"I practice martial arts, Chi Kung, and Tai Chi every day and find my health and well being magnified because of it. I am always searching for ways to further develop and magnify the Chi. This DVD video (301) arrived safely and it is a pleasure. The forms in the video are not foreign to me but like additional candy, thanks!!"

-- Edward Stack. MN, USA.

"I came to Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa program after having been diagnosed with diabetes. My doctor explained that regular exercise is an essential element in treating and controlling the disease. At the same time, I also needed of a way to deal with the day-to-day job stress that has become a prominent part of my life. Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa program has provided an excellent avenue for addressing both needs. This gentle workout system, consisting of Tai Chi and Qigong forms and breathing exercises, is a good way to gradually increase my level of energy and fitness without harsh jarring exercises, the need for fancy exercise equipment, or for a special gymnasium This system is self paced and noncompetitive; you compete with no one but yourself. Once some of the basics are learned, it can be done virtually anywhere and at any time. An excellent bonus is the sense of well being it promotes while improving self-discipline. Both are essential for relieving stress and moving along the road to a healthier life style."

--- Larry Tucker, Arlington, VA

"A wonderful workout DVD (301)! I have been using this DVD everyday since I received it and really enjoy it! I find it very relaxing and I love the accent and grace of the instructor! Please start working on 401 so I can continue to progress after 3 months. Thanks!"

-- Jill Bunin, Miami Beach, FL

"Dear Dr. Chen, you have really created something unique and I'd like to thank you again for releasing 401! It's a true body-mind exercise! Even if sometimes I feel lazy and don't want to do anything, I'm always glad I did! It's a special blend of exercise, relaxation, meditation, aerobics, and muscle strengthening! It certainly breaks a sweat and always proves to be much more than it seems!!! Not too strenuous-just the right amount! It is truly invigorating and relaxing at the same time! I really can't say enough about it! Even if I don't get to do it for a while, once I do it again, I see why I always come back to it! I can never see a time in life when I would not do this! It lifts my mood and makes my body feel good. I guess this is 'chi flow'!"

-- Jill Bunin, Miami Beach, FL (Six monnths later after practicing)

"Well I received 501 today & couldn't wait to try it so I cheated! :) And I must say-I LOVE IT!!! This is the best one yet! I love the way the moves are put together in challenging sequences! Half the time I ended up with the wrong side :), but I'll get it! That's the great thing-it's challenging! and also FUN! I also like the split menu on the DVD because you could always do the warm up again afterward as a cool down or before other exercise or whatever. But I REALLY enjoyed those sequences! THANK YOU for the copy and for making these! I look forward to doing more & more!"

-- Jill Bunin, Miami Beach, FL

"I began Dr. Chenís Tai Chi GongFa program in the latter half of January 2004. In the fall of 2003, my blood pressure had become extremely high (180/120) due to stress related to some events in my life. At the time, I saw my medical doctor, and a change in my medication was made. My blood pressure went down a little but was still too high. It stayed that way until I started taking Dr. Chen¬ís class. My blood pressure started returning to its former "high normal" level of 136/86, which was the level on March 5, 2004, when my medical doctor checked it.
The other good news has to do with cholesterol. I have been monitoring blood tests since 1987. In the past 10 years, my HDL (Good cholesterol) has usually been in the 30s range. When I took a blood test on March 5, 2004, my HDL was 45. It was that high only once before--on June 7, 1991. Since then, my HDL has been consistently in the high 30s with an occasional low 40s reading, but none as high as 45. My Heart Disease Risk HDL-Cholesterol has been at high risk: relatively unsafe level for some time. As of March 4, 2004, it is now average risk. Needless to say, I am very pleased with that change."

March 26, 2004.

-- Helen C. Horton, Age: 71, Alexandra, VA.

"THANK YOU for your good service. So far I have moved to 501. I love all previous five Tai Chi GongFa videos (Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa 101 - 501) and use them often. I am 59 years old and 3 months ago received my black belt in Choi Kwang Do. I am working on my second degree and find Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa workout videos helpful in strengthening my knees and thighs; as well as, improving my breathing. It also helps me to be mindful when doing my kata's in karate.

Many thanks!!!"

-- Viola Everett, Monroe, MI.

"I really enjoyed coming to Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa class. The class helped with my migraines, relieving stress and improving breathing".

-- Susan Cohen, Arlington, VA.

"After 6 Tai Chi Gong Fa group classes with Dr. Chen, I have noted that I can sleep well again, without waking up several times in the middle of the night, as had been the case for the past six months. The only change in my life has been these bi-weekly classes, so I give them full credit for restoring me restful sleep again. The slow and sweeping movements, attention to breathing, Dr. Chen's calm and patience toward beginners, the background sound track, all these and perhaps more than I am conscious of at the moment, make these classes a haven in everyday work frenzy. The emphasis on breathing is a big appeal, as the class has made me realize that my breaths are usually shallow. Furthermore, synchronizing inhalation and exhalation with left/right side body movements presents also a challenge, which has rewarded me with a little bit more physical/neurological coordination in my daily life: noticeably less bumping against furniture, better reflexes, and more importantly for me, a beginning of enhancement of ability to focus on tasks. I intend to carry on with this class for the remainder of the year in order to consolidate the gains reported above".

-- Que Bui, Arlington, VA, July, 2004.

"I really enjoyed my Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa Video (101) so much. Now I am ready to move up to the next level that lasts more than 15 minutes. I have always wanted to try the TaiChi for beginners. I fell in love with the fluid motion of the movement of the exercises, while doing the video I felt my body, on it's own response to the movement and get into the natural rhythm of the exercise and breathing. Because of my recent surgery and other ailments (High Blood pressure, High cholesterol, and Heart Problems, Arthritis, and on the job stress) I felt it was time to start and continue a healthier lifestyle to improve my body, mind and spirit, and relieve stress. I felt Dr. Chen's TaiChi GongFa videos would be perfect for this without adding extra pressure on the body, and it was!!! Healing starts from the inside out and I knew I needed to get the Yin and Yang in harmony. Once we get going with this, maybe we can send before and after pictures! Thank you for the Video, it helped change my mind set".

--Ammalene M. King, Martinsville, VA

"LOVE YOUR VIDEO. I have been ill most of my life both physically and spiritually so I am not used to a routine. My homeopathic doctor has helped me come a long ways. I INTUITIVEY bought your video and it has paid off. You ARE A CARING PERSON, Dr Chen, and it shows in the way you communicate GongFa. I have nothing but admiration for you. You have an amazing gift and I feel your love for people. I'm afraid if I met you I would never be able to leave your side. I appreciate you sharing your skills and knowledge. I have been doing this every morning since I bought your DVD and its invigorating and I feel it has already helped me through my day and can only imagine how much better I will feel if I continue. I am also looking forward to sharing this with others that I know would benefit. I will continue to buy your DVDs for myself and for others. Thank you so much Dr Chen for this amazing experience. The first time I played the DVD I cried."

--Susan Henderson, Grosse Pointe, MI

Dear Shifu Chen:
"I have been practicing Tai Chi for quite some time. I originally learned the Chen Man Ching form. Your system, however, has proved to be of more significant benefit. It is as effective, if not more so, than what I had previously studied. I have seen some excellent results from the Tai Chi DVD (Tai Chi 24 formss I . I've lost 11 pounds, and my blood pressure has dropped quite a bit from where it was! I have recommended this DVD to a number of my friends; I hope they are smart enough to order them! I am looking forward to incorporating the GongFa form into my routine. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into these DVD's!
I am also hoping to be able to teach the GongFa 101 form to my mom, who is 83. She lives in Florida and is suffering from poor circulation in her legs (she is diabetic) and her balance has suffered because of it. I believe this form will be of significant benefit to her as well!
Again, many thanks"! Respectfully yours

--Fred Wolff, Patchogue, NY.

"It is easy to follow and I love the way you give both views of the different moves, very easy to understand. It has been such a surprise to see how much of a workout I get from your Tai Chi program, since I am making seemingly, such small movements. About my breathing, I took your advice and relaxed when I inhale and tighten my abdominal muscles when I exhale. My breathing is much better and I feel so much better. It is amazing how quickly I can tell a difference in my muscle tone. I also love the music!
Thank you again!"

--Charlotte Rogers, Shreveport, LA

"Thanks you! I recently bought your Tai Chi Qi Gong Workout level 1 (GongFa 101). I have been doing it every morning for a week. My energy levels are through the roof. I am also more centered. I think I will stay with it for a month before switching over to this new video. Keep up the good work."

--Roy Marganti, La Porte, IN

"I am practicing Tai Chi 24 simplified forms 1. Have also learned for beginners 1 & 2, enjoy the tapes, they are very easy to use. Iíve noticed my flexibility and balance have improved significantly. I recently ordered wheelchair version leverl 1 for my aunt who has Parkinsonís disease.
Thanks for a great product!"

-- Mark Gildersleeve. Agency, MO

"My 4th dvd from Dr. Chen..the only thing that works for fibromyalgia!THANKS!!!"

--teresa mae fadden, san pedro, CA

"Good DVD Everything it should be (Dr. Chen's Tai Chi for Beginners I). Very satisfied. Highly Recommended!"

--June Davies, Bayswater Victoria, Australia

"Great DVD. Easy to do. It's helping me with balance a lot. Thanks."

--Tina Ratermann, Silex, MO.

I just want to let you know how much I am enjoying and benefiting from your dvd's. I have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, have had chemo and am now on Herceptin and Tamoxifen. I do your advanced beginners dvd almost every day. It lifts my mood, and my energy, and I believe it is boosting my immune system. I'm planning to move onto 'Simplified Forms 1' in about a month.
thank you."

--Deborah Miller, Melbourne, Australia.

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Thank you!"

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"I have been enjoying Dr. Chen's Tai Chi for Beginners II for a while now and think I am ready to move to the next step. I'm 71 years old and on oxygen 24/7. These exercises (which I try to do daily) are important to me for several reasons. First, the breathing clues are critical to me as it helps me breathe easier. Second, I have been diagnosed with arthiritis, but have had no shoulder or hip pain since I started the exercises about 2 years ago. Third, the benefits of the exercises are also mental and have proven to be very helpful to me as I underwent various changes in my health. My only regret is that I did not start these exercises when I was much younger! The benefits are incredible!
Thanks for everything"

--Thomas Bunyon, Port Charlotte, FL.

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