Important Tips for Conducting These Routines

What is the general guideline?

1. Try to use deep abdominal breathing as much as you can.
2. Keep the range of motion within your comfortable zone. Don't over do it.
3. Always keep good posture, keep upper body upright naturally.
4. Wear comfortable exercise clothes and shoes.
5. Anytime you don't feel good, stop it and take a break.
6. If you just start to practice 301, you may focus on balance and movements first without following breathing cues. Once you feel more comfortable with the movements, add breathing into the routine.

What is abdominal breathing?

Abdominal breathing is deep breathing, which requires to open up lower portion of lungs. To do this effectively at beginning, just try to use abdominal muscles to contract when breathing out and relax when breathing in. When you practice long enough, you should be able to do it automatically.

What are the logical pathes for using these videos in order to get more benefits

24 forms I->24 forms II->24 forms III -> 24 forms 4
Tai Chi for Beginners -> Tai Chi for Beginners II or 401 ->501
or Tai Chi for Beginners ->24 forms I->24 formsII >24 froms III -> 24 forms 4

How should I prepare before practicing 401 and 501?

Drink some water, because 40 to 60-minute breathing and physical work consumes lot of water.