Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa for wheelchair people 4 in one

(This package includes GongFa 001 (level 1), GongFa 002 (level 2), GongFa 003 (level 3)
and Mucic CD: Morning Sunlight Melody, total value of $80)


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A Uniquely Viewer-friendly Gentle, Safe and Effective Workout System
Focusing on Cultivating Root of Life and Improving Fundamental Human Body Functions

Ten Big NOs:

NO learning curves!
NO confusion!
NO interruption!
NO time to waste,even a single minute!
NO frustration!
NO lengthy explanation!
NO memory needed!
NO big space required!
NO turning around!
YOU will be up and running in NO time!!!

Who designed this exercise?
This exercise was concisely designed by David Chen, Ph.D. in Exercise Science. Dr. Chen received his bachelor and master degrees in physical education from Beijing Institute of Physical Education, and his doctorate degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Dr. Chen has been studying and working on teaching and teacher education in Eastern and Western exercise and fitness fields for over 20 years. Thousands of students have benefited from his instructions. Dr. Chen fully understands the difficulties and frustrations that Western students have had in learning Eastern exercise styles like Tai Chi and Qigong systerms. To help more Western people who are interested in Chinese style exercises fully enjoy the beauty and benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong practice IMMEDIATELY, Dr. Chen has been developing viewer-friendly, easy, safe, enjoyable and effective exercise routines for various populations. All of these exercise routines were carefully designed by following safety rules, professional teaching guidelines, human learning characteristics, and principles in traditional Chinese medicine and modern exercise science. These exercises also reflect the harmony of the combination of Eastern and Western exercise philosophies and techniques.

What are special in these three videos?
These videos are 3 levels of “wheelchair” versions of Dr. Chen’s Tai Chi Qigong workout routines. Dr. Chen will lead you through the safe, easy and effective warm-up and stretching, and eight (in level 1), eleven (in level 2), and seventeen (in level 3) easy and beautiful Tai Chi and Qigong forms in seated position. Breathing has been fully integrated into the moves, and breathing cues are provided. With a fully balanced, face-to-face, mirror-imaged demonstration, you will never get lost. There is no learning curve involved, and no memory is needed. Just follow Dr. Chen's moves and cues, you will have a complete body-mind workout.

What benefits can I get?
1. Enhanced body-mind harmony.
2. Obtained coordination between breathing and movements.
3. Improved flexibility around upper body.
4. Improved joint health.
5. Improved internal energy level.
6. Improved posture.
7. Reduced back pain.
8. Reduced daily stress and hypertension.
9. Improved cardio-respiratory system function.
10. Improved muscle tones.
11. Improved serenity, emotion, and attitude.
12. Improved micro-circulation systems in arms and hands.

Whom is this for?
These videos were designed for people who have lower extremity disabilities to maintain a regular 20-30 minute gentle, safe, and effective daily workout. It will specially benefit people who are physically weak, rely on wheelchair, or spend most time in bed because of sickness or injuries. It will help gradually restore and strengthen their internal energy and improve health and fitness. If you are very weak, break it down into two or three sections.

When should I practice it?
It is recommended that you practice it in the mornings to best prepare yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for your daily activity. It is certainly OK to practice this exercise at anytime during the day. When you practice, try to use deep abdominal breathing as much as you can.

level 1 (001) Contents (23 minutes)
(1) Joint warm-ups
(2) Stretching
(3) Wave the Curtain
(4) Unite Yin and Yang
(5) Two mountains strike down
(6) support the sky
(7) Push the mountain
(8) Single whip
(9) Push the boat
(10) Flying hands.

level 2 (002) Contents (27 minutes)
(1) Warm-ups and stretching
(2) Wave the curtain
(3) Part horse mane
(4) Brush knee and push hand
(5) Lean against mountain
(6) Punch the tiger
(7) Dragon plays in water
(8) Dragon flies out of water
(9) Down press the earth
(10) Up hold the sky
(11) Repulse the monkey
(12) Front push the mountain

level 3 (003) Contents (28 minutes)
1. Warm-ups and stretching
2. Forms: (1) Wave curtain
(2-4) Two mountains strik - push mountain -wave sleeve
(5-8) Dragon extends head - support sky - dragon plays in water - open the mountain gate
(9) Repulse monkey
(10-12) Punch the tiger - play lute - crane spreads wings
(13) Flyig hands
(14) Single whip
(15-16) Dragen extends tongue - hammer strikes down
(17) Closing moves

Music CD: Morning Sunlight Melody

This beautiful and soothing piece of flute melodies leads you into a morning riverside forest where morning sunshine floods down through leaves, and reflects on the peaceful surface of the little river around you. The sprays of sunlight form a mist that covers your body. The gentle rhythm combined with birds' sounds quickly and quietly put you into a peaceful and calm world of nature. Perfect for performing Tai Chi, Yoga, or any body-mind workout, stress-relief program, and meditation arts.
One track, non-stop 35 minutes. This music is the background music of Dr.Chen's Tai Chi GongFa videos

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