Tai Chi 24 Simplified Forms 2 in one

This package includes Tai Chi 24 Simplified Forms I and its sister edition Tai Chi 24 Simplified Forms II, which can guarantee practitioners' even development of their fitness factors between the Left and the Right


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A Uniquely Viewer-friendly Gentle, Safe and Effective Workout System
Focusing on Cultivating Root of Life and Improving Fundamental Human Body Functions

Who designed this exercise and why?
Tai Chi 24 Simplified forms I was designed by a China’s national martial art committee in 1950s as one of the projects of the national fitness movement. It focuses on popularizing Tai Chi practicing among the general public to promote health and fitness with low or no cost. This set of 24 forms is based on Yang style, and has been considered standard simple set for the ordinary people to practice. It is the most popular Tai Chi set practiced by millions of people today around the world. Imagine, once you have learned this set of forms, you will be able to join in the practicing crowd in Beijing’s streets or parks without any trouble. Tai Chi 24 Simplified forms II was developed by David Chen, Ph. D. in Exercise Science as a complementary set to Tai Chi 24 Simplified Forms I. This set of 24 forms is focused on balancing fitness factors that were not evenly covered by Tai Chi 24 Simplified Forms I, which was considered as major shortcomings for people who practice it regularly and loyally. Dr. Chen developed Tai Chi 24 Simplified Forms II by reversing the directions and movements so that practitioners’ fitness elements can be developed evenly and in a balanced manner (like left and right), thus the total benefits of Tai Chi practicing can be maximized.

What is special in these videos?
This video is demonstrated by Dr. Chen. Each individual form is presented in anterior view and posterior view and repeated twice to help learner better understand the movements. The whole set demonstration has combined with breathing cues to help learner to get more benefits when practicing. The DVD version also has a menu system so learner has the freedom to choose the individual portions.

What benefits can I get?
1. Enhanced body-mind harmony.
2. Obtained coordination between breathing and movements.
3. Improved flexibility around whole body.
4. Improved joint health.
5. Improved internal energy level.
6. Improved posture.
7. Reduced back pain.
8. Reduced daily stress.
9. Reduced hypertension
10. Improved cardio-respiratory system function.
11. Improved muscle strength.
12. Improved serenity, emotion, and attitude.
13. Built foundation for learning advanced Tai Chi and Qigong systems.

When should I practice it?
It is recommended that you practice it in the mornings to best prepare yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for your daily activity. It is certainly good to practice this exercise at anytime during the day.

(1) Joint warm-up and stretching
(2) Anterior view individual forms demo
(3) Posterior view individual forms demo.
(4) Anterior view complete set demo.
(5) Posterior view complete set demo.

Name of 24 forms:
(1) Starting Posture
(2) Part Wild Horse Mane
(3) Crane Spreads Wings
(4) Brush Knee and Push Hand
(5) Play Lute
(6) Step Back and Repulse Monkey
(7) Grasp Peacock’s Tail (Right/Left)
(8) Grasp Peacock’s Tail (Left/Right)
(9) Single Whip
(10) Wave Hands
(11) Single Whip
(12) High Pat on Horse
(13) Kick with Right/Left Heel
(14) Strike Ears with Two Mountains (Left)
(15) Kick with Left Heel
(16) Golden Rooster Stands on Right/Left Leg
(17) Golden Rooster Stands on Left/Right Leg
(18) Fairy Lady Shuttles Back and Forth
(19) Needle at Sea Bottom
(20) Fan through Back
(21) Turn Body, Deflect, Parry, and Punch
(22) Seal and Close
(23) Cross Hands
(24) Closing Posture

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