Straining, holding the position and holding my breath.

“Don’t hold breath,” David Chen cries.

“Breathe!” he commands.  “Inhale------------, exhale------..---”  Then, “Good job!”

Shifting the position a bit, straining my eyes for a peek at the clock.  Oh no, at least eight minutes before our first break in the hour-long Tai Chi class.

My body is learning things it never knew, things it thinks it didn’t want to learn.  These same things are, at the same time, being welcomed.  Oh what soreness.  And how wonderful to find that, despite lack of use and my 66 years, these muscles and tendons and joints can still function.  Clamoring and screaming with outrage and singing with joy at the same time.  At the same time!

And little by little the whacko equilibrium from the car accident in June is being steadied, being balanced.  Learning that – quivering muscles aside – I won’t topple over while standing on one foot with the other extended out in front of me.

As Dr. Chen would say, “Good job!”

   Tai Chi Class with Dr. David Chen                 
                                             -- By Nancy Ruth Davis, 2002