Our Mission and Teaching Philosophy

Use our knowledge, expertise  and 20-year experience  in  teaching,  training and studying of Tai Chi, Qigong, physical skill and movement learning and teaching to help people who are looking for a safe, enjoyable, effective, prolific, and life-long fitness style master Tai Chi Quan and Qigong, one of the sophisticated Chinese health self-care systems in a simple, straightforward, progressive, and joyful way. 

As highly trained teaching professionals with solid background combining Eastern and Western health and fitness-promoting philosophies and techniques, we are fully committed to the highest standard in the teaching profession.  Studentsí learning results and life quality improvement are our ultimate goals and enjoyment.

All the courses we teach are carefully designed by following teaching and learning principles and with full consideration of studentsí learning stages and fitness levels.  Our teaching strategies always combine group instruction and individual attention, whole set  review and  individual  move  breakdowns,  and memory enforcement techniques to allow students to achieve the maximum learning results.

Our students not only learn from but also enjoy our teaching, because we treat teaching as a real art.
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