"I think that the best teacher is the person who can explain step-by-step, who does so willingly and joyfully and who can then give students the tools to help themselves. This person obviously needs to know his subject or could not possibly do this. Dr. Chen's Tai Chi class is all that and more. He knows the beauty of concentration and grace and the benefit of balance: these are his birthright: he happily shares with his students, so that we know that with practice, these benefits are ours as well. He is a rare teacher, with an easy smile and a kind heart, he is one of the best I have ever had!"
                                                                                        -- Barbara Green

"Your  instruction is  well-tailored to each of  us in  terms of  learning speed and level of difficulty.  I do not leave  class  feeling  overwhelmed or  bored, but I feel  inspired and challenged enough to practise at home and continue study of Tai Chi.  In the Spring, I will begin my fourth class under your teaching.  I appreciate your dedication to teaching those of us whom were not  born into a  culture where Tai Chi is both common and prolific.  I have benefited physically, mentally (improved  memory and decreased pain).  I love the window into an art which adds grace to my life.  I am deeply grateful for your instruction."

                                                                                       -- Kendra Carey

"Dr. Chen's sheer energy level invigorates each class.  At the beginning of each segment, he brings both mind and body together to prepare the class for learning each fluid motion.  By demonstration and repetition, he methodically breaks down each movement.  The class moves at a steady, educational pace as students graduate from one move to another.  I found the class to be peaceful and Dr. Chen to be patient.  Through class I "let go" of daily stress and grew physically stronger and mentally more alert.  I plan to take a class again."

                                                                                       -- Michelle Stein

"Dr. Chen's background as a classically trained educator permits him to analyze my learning needs and to better instruct me in the art of Tai Chi.  His patience and teaching methods have helped me to relax, thus overcoming my dislike of making mistakes.  I enjoy his class very much."

                                                                                      -- Jane O'Malley

"Dr. David Chen is an outstanding Tai Chi teacher, the best I've ever had.  He is turned into the various neeeds of his students and adapts his instruction to individual levels.  When we are frustrated with our levels, he says very gently, 'Leave some room for improvement.'  He always gives us positive feedback and encourage us to do our best.  His rendition of Tai Chi is beautiful and he is such a nice person.  He makes his class a joyful experience.  I only have 'golden Words' to say about Dr. Chen's Tai Chi classes."

                                                                                     -- Helen O'Hear

"I am overweight.
Since taking this class I have lost 9 pounds.
Need I say more?"

                                                                                     -- Rita Redding

"Thank you. I hope to improve my balance in this class.  I feel I have a long way to go on this goal, so I hope to keep taking Tai Chi classes.  You have been a marvelous teacher -- I am always inspired to do more from watching you.  It's a great way to relax.  The pace of the class is perfect for me.  You are extremely easy to follow."

                                                                                     -- Kathy Alligood

"This has been a very valuable class for me. Thank you for your patience,  dedication,
and warm smile.  You inspire me to make Tai Chi a lifetime commitment to my health
and well-being."
                                                                                             -- Julia Aulson Gribble

"This  is an  excellent  class.  I ought to  know  because  this is 4th  time  I've taken it. 
Dr. Chen  is a superb teacher. He is extremely patient  with  his  students,  never  getting
upset with them, even the most inept of us.  He is willing to spend a lot of time with the individual students, helping him or her perfect his or her technique.  I plan to keep taking his class as long as it is taught. "
                                                                                            -- James O'Hear III

"Very good class - for all ages of people.  Dr. Chen is extremely professional, very patient and supportive.  Recommend it highly!"

                                                                                            -- Brenda Hausman

"I feel very fortunate to have studied Tai Chi from Dr. Chen.  I will take the next class again and try to improve.  Thank you for your help."

                                                                                            -- Liz Adams

"The beginner's class  more than  satisfied my  expectations.  His  teaching strategies are unique and wonderful combining patience, gentle encouragement, and a firm commitment to the program's schedule.  I look forward to taking the class again until my 'chi' is here."

                                                                                           -- Sally Harrs

"It was a very wonderful surprise to find a teacher so skilled and dedicated in this area.  I immediately felt benefits in terms of mobility and relaxation. It really was a joy.  I plan to continue to take Dr. Chen's class."

                                                                                          -- Florence Ferraro, LCSW.

''Very good class.  Very patient and very good at explaining the movements.  I enjoy
it very much."

                                                                                          -- Anita B. Jobson

"I enjoy Dr. Chen's class very much. It made me feel very relaxed.  It is a pleasure to watch him when he teaches.  I wish that one day that I could perform Tai Chi like him."

                                                                                         -- Dawn Stone Jordon

"I have enjoyed this class very much.  It does not come naturally to me, but Dr. Chen
is very patient and very positive in his handling of the students......"

                                                                                        -- Sandra Bitler

"My balance is so much better.  Tai Chi relaxes me.  My arms, hands, fingers, head,  
heels, and toes don't always go in the correct position, but I end up perfectly!"

                                                                                       -- Natalie Powell

"Tai Chi is an amazingly difficult, yet gentle activity.  The class has helped me strengthen my knees while providing an activity which relaxes your mind and body.  Dr. Chen is a kind teacher who focuses on the details of Tai Chi in a sweet, gentle fashion.  His style is easy to follow.  He always encourage you to try.  It is a wonderful addition to my life."

                                                                                       -- Lorili Toth

''Dr. Chen's Tai Chi has improved my balance and posture.  It has helped me to develop
confidence in using my body.  Learning the various postures also challanges me mentally  and improves my memory."

                                                                                       -- Jane Campbell

"Dr. Chen's superb skill and gentle manner accommodate all levels in learning the beauty and health benefits of Tai Chi. "

                                                                                       -- Patricia Muncy

"I have loved class-feel I am gaining balance and breathing techniques. I want to continue and take the class again".

                                                                                         --Michaelene Clarke

"The class has been an EXCELLENT experience. My life is very busy and full of activities. Learning Tai Chi helped to slow me down - I  find it very calming and stress relieving. Being
3 months pregnant - I plan to take the next one and continue practicing outside of class for the positive benefits I've seen so far. The class pace was perfect; great balance of new moves and time for practice. Thank you !!"

                                                                                         -- Karen Dixon

"Learning to move as a greaceful swan swims through the pond is excellent for the relief of
daily stress. I have enjoyed each class that I have been to, and would recommend it to others.
Learning the greaceful moves brings about peace of mind".

                                                                                         --Brendan M. Delaubenfels

"Best Quality; Best Patience; Wonderful Exercise; Wonderful Experience!!"

                                                                                          --Gary Putnam

"David has been a patient and caring teacher and I have thorough enjoyed taking his class".

                                                                                           --Karen Crow

"I really enjoyed coming to Dr. Chen's Tai Chi GongFa class. The classes helped with my migraines, relieving stress and improving breathing".

                                                                                           --Susan Cohen

"This was a very calm and relaxing class. Dr. Chen is a very patient and welcoming teacher.
He is very helpful in answering questions and encouraging us".

                                                                                          --Andrea Dono

"I began studying tai chi because I was seeking a meditation with movement ... I found it. The concentration on breathing, flow and form bring stillness to my mind yet energize my body. The classes are cheerful and the tai chi forms demand focus but never strain the body.

David Chen is a skillful and personable teacher, breaking the forms into easily followed steps. As an older adult, I find his calm, repetitive teaching adds to my comfort in learning tai chi and helps me to recall forms when I practice away from class.

I recommend this teacher and this class to those who are looking for a meditative exercise that they can do for life or even if you are just looking for something new".

                                                                                           -- Penny Kriese